Tuesday, 18 December 2012

"Bands that don't exist yet" contest at Threadless!

A festive Ahoy-hoy to you all! Thankyou to everybody who has visited this site over the past year, I hope you will return for more of my BS in 2013. I've got a new t-shirt up for voting at Threadless. This time the contest theme was "Bands that don't exist yet", and I've chosen to depict Commander Skull, acoustic folk guitarist of the Fear Realm. He may be enslaving his people but you'll be damn well sure he does it with a tender song in his heart. You can vote for the design here, and be sure to leave a comment too as thats always important in the selecting process! MERRY GUITAR SKELLINGTON CHRISTMASES TO YOU ALL!!!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Bravest F*ckers!

I am a massive fan of James Kochalka and of Adventure Time, so the new Cartoon Hangover shows, Super F*ckers and Bravest Warriors are like sexy 5 minute treats for my brains every week. Here are Jack Krak and Danny battling it out for crossover supremacy.