Sunday, 29 August 2010

Welcome to SModcast!

My tribute to the divine beauty which is SModcast, the weekly podcast of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier which has provided background sound for my drawing for a few years now. I listen and re-listen to Smith's network of podcasts pretty much every day while I work and they've been vital in me living the life of a pro-illustrator (i.e. me sat at my desk, eating jaffa cakes, cursing myself as I erase a wonky arm for the eighteenth time)

If you haven't heard it before and enjoy deliciously profane sandwiches of hilarity then check it out. My filthy mind insists.

Update: Kevin Smith has seen the pic and deems it "EPIC"!

Run HRH.

A t-shirt design I did last summer for a client.

Enabling Performance Management Synergy Team!!!

This is a piece of artwork I produced in early 2009 for a company who's offices were round the corner from my art college. Its meant to illustrate how the company operates. They were very happy with the artwork but to this day I'm still not sure what it is they do! (something about spaceships?)

TEAm WORK & Sandwich Town!

Here are two unsuccessful Threadless t-shirt designs. Both involving cute cartoon characters happily bounding to their cartoony deaths... No, YOU'RE the one who's weird!!

I really like these designs, its a shame that they didn't get picked but its always fun to play the Threadless game. Stay tuned for more designs soon!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Comix R 4 Dorks!

I've got a new design up for votes at, so check it out!

Comix R 4 Dorks! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More