Wednesday, 20 June 2007

'Cause I wanna be Anarchy...

'Milling Witless' is an anthology of comic stories all based around the theme of transgression. The stories are written and drawn by the illustration students of Swindon College (myself included) and the book is printed by Steve Causer and the good people at Warpton Creative.


Ok, let me explain. The book was meant to be a project displaying the talents of Swindon College's illustration students, however news reached us that the higher powers at Swindon College had deemed the book offensive (due to filthy, course language, an implied castration and in one instance, an image of an old man is just his pants) and so the students had to remove any mention of the college from the book, which is a little bit of an over reaction but hey, wadaya gonna do? The book is still set to be sent out to publishers around the world and hopefully to a couple of comic shops so if you see it, maybe you should pick it up as it may contain the first printed work of some kind of future genius.

Cover art by Dave McMullen

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