Monday, 17 November 2008

Busting makes me feel good.

This is something thats been wafting around in my brain box for a long time. Its the first piece I've done for my final year at college and I think its turned out really well, I'd go as far as to say its my best piece of work....And now that I've finished patting myself on the back...back to work. No rest for the wikkkid.


JEN said...

This is awesome, a really great piece of work. It's one of my favourite film sequences too :)
I love the depth of field you've got in some frames by contrasting blurred & sharp areas. Wicked stuff, keep it coming.

Christopher Dunn said...

Its great to finally see the finished work, which is blooming marvelous by the way! I particularly like your version of Bill Murray, down to a tee. Also loving your indie club characters they must have looked really good blown up in the club.