Friday, 31 July 2009 makes me feel good!

So literally hours after I posted my Ghostbusters picture on this site and deviantart, the AWESOME guys at crowned it as "The best depiction of the original Ghostbusters film...ever!" I'm pretty proud of this. I wanted to do the poster as my ulitmate tribute to my favorite film and if I can get a review that good from hardcore fans of the movie then I guess my job is done (claps metaphorical dust off of hands).

If you want to check out the post about my picture (and a badass Ghostbusters site to boot) check it out here.

I am now king for the day and will wear a crown (made of underpants) to signify this triumph!


John said...

Great job, man! Ghostbusters is a perfect movie to pay such a tribute to.

JEN said...

Awesome artwork, James, and well done for the kudos from the hardcore fans :)
Bustin' makes me feel gooood too :)