Thursday, 1 October 2009

Peter Parker, you lovable goof!

This was a lot of fun to do. I took a scene from Amazing Spider-Man 50 (circa 1967) and redrew it in my own style (see the original here).

I love the scene because it sums up what's great about Spider-Man; Peter Parker is so resigned to his role as a down on his luck dork-nerd that he's too oblivious to see that two beautiful 'gals' are obsessed with him, and the perfect life that he pines for so much is right infront of his face (if his head wasn't up his own arse). He's without a doubt my favorite comic character because he's so self absorbed that he makes life twice as hard for himself, the kind of interesting character trait that you don't find much in superheroes.

Next I'll do the same with an action scene from another Stan Lee/John Romita issue.

Update! Now featured on the Repaneled blog!

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