Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hans...bubby...I'm your white knight!

Die Hard (1988) - Gruber/McClane/Explosions e.t.c

I had an idea in my head for this picture, however once I started putting all the elements together in photoshop it didn't turn out quite how I'd imagined.

So here are two versions, on the left, we the viewer are McClane, seeing Hans through the glass plus our own reflection, and on the right, were Hans looking out and seeing John McClane about to Yippe-Kay-Ay our Kimo-sabe straight into the dust.

Let me know which one works best y'alls.


Anonymous said...

The one on the right works best for me. It takes the attention away from Gruber and makes whats coming his way (feet!)more dramatic.

There's not enough Die Hard fan art/illustration around so kudos to you sir!

Benny Turd (UK)

Hemaniscool said...

The one on the right I think works better for me.