Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Ghostbusters 3?

Empire: Bill Murray confirms Ghostbusters 3 role.

So Ghostbusters (as I've mentioned many a time to anyone who will listen) is my favorite film and always has been. Now internet nerdrumblings suggest that in Ghostbusters 3, Peter Venkman will appear, but dead as some kind of ghost. Naturally the internet has reacted to this rumor with the logic and control it is known for...

Here's my verdict; This could be a really good idea, Bill Murray ghosting around the place, sliming people, doing what he wants and causing hilarious chaos laughs. Maybe he could be the new team's equivalent of Slimer? Maybe he could smooth talk all the ghosts into helping the Ghostbusters to defeat some super-ghoul type (feel free to steal this idea Ramis et Aykroyd). I'd like a well made threequel to my most cherished movie, not an Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull where Dan Aykroyd swings through the trees with the ghosts of monkeys.

Wait! Thats another great idea! Get Hollywoods on the phone!

EDIT: I've made the news! (Ghostbustersnews.com that is!)

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Anonymous said...

Wooooooop!! Neat-o! Great stuff :)

(JEN here - Blugger won't let me log in on this PC. Booos)