Sunday, 29 August 2010

Welcome to SModcast!

My tribute to the divine beauty which is SModcast, the weekly podcast of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier which has provided background sound for my drawing for a few years now. I listen and re-listen to Smith's network of podcasts pretty much every day while I work and they've been vital in me living the life of a pro-illustrator (i.e. me sat at my desk, eating jaffa cakes, cursing myself as I erase a wonky arm for the eighteenth time)

If you haven't heard it before and enjoy deliciously profane sandwiches of hilarity then check it out. My filthy mind insists.

Update: Kevin Smith has seen the pic and deems it "EPIC"!


Anonymous said...


Aural sex...

Anonymous said...

You are disgusting! This is your sickest drawing yet (sicker than the vaginosaurus). I actually spat cornflakes onto my keyboard.

Good work.