Friday, 20 May 2011

"Now We Are Running..." On sale NOW!

'Now We Are Running...', my first full comic book with words and pictures by me is now available here at my Big Cartel page!

It's a collection of pop culture spoofs n' goofs with a little bad language and violence thrown in because I think it's big and clever.


Meet Steven and George, two young-buck, hot-shot directors with Hollywood dreams in their eyes. Finally, learn the sordid (and almost sort of maybe true) stories behind some of Spielberg's greatest films!


Discover the legend of the Vangrooover Brothers, three body-building triplets from a German muscle-family who undergo a heroic metamorphosis and then go on adventures with fighting and explosions and that!

The comic had a great debut at the Bristol Comic and Small Press Expo last weekend, I met loads of awesome artists and got con fever so hopefully we may meet at a future show oh dear reader of my blog! (I'll be wearing a flower in my lapel)

Update: The comic is now available at Excelsior! Comics in Bristol (Near to Cabots Circus). Check them out, they rock.