Sunday, 11 September 2011

Jurassic Dorks present: The A-Z of the Eighties!

Myself and my artistic powerhouse friends John-Paul Bove, Jess Bradley, Dylan Cook and Mark Pearce have merged and become the world destroying behemoth (of drawing stuff) that is JURASSIC DORKS! And to celebrate this we're putting on a show! The A-Z of the 80's is a gallery exhibition dedicated to the movies, tv shows, video games and toys of the eighties, 26 new pieces of artwork will be on display, depicting the alphabet according to that influential and nerdtacular decade. The show takes place in December at Centrespace gallery in Bristol. I'll be posting more info as we get closer to the date but to stay ahead of the pack make sure to check out the Jurassic Dorks page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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