Saturday, 23 June 2012

Six Seasons and a Movie art show!

Here are the two pieces I'm going to have on display at the "Community inspired" Six Seasons and a Movie art show in LA this weekend. Put together by PixelDrip Gallery and hosted at Monk Space in Los Angeles on June 23-24, the show features over a hundred amazing artists paying tribute to one of the funniest shows on TV since Alf! My good friend Jess Bradley (Oh hi Jess!) is also displaying an awesome piece of Dean-related artwork in the show too so if you live in the City of Angels, you should definitely drive a bus at over 50 mph towards the show (or ride there on the back of a Transformer or whatever, I've never been to LA).

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, these are super cool! I just heard about Six Seasons and a Movie Artwork by watching the ComicCon panel on Hulu. Cool, cool, cool. Totally would have gone had I known and not been in the Bay area that day