Wednesday, 24 October 2012

"Earth's Mighiest Heroes" type thing...

When master colourist John-Paul Bove and I clash our giant biceps together, awesome, breath taking artwork falls out of the rip in time that our muscle collision creates. Case in point: Our triumphant Avengers team-up. I bench pressed all the line art while JP crashed in and body slammed the picture until it was covered in the most powerful colours you've ever seen. If you think you're strong enough to handle such a mighty image then you can pick up the print and individual postcards at John-Paul's table at London MCM expo between the 26th and 28th of October. He'll be there with loads more amazing prints, colouring your con sketches and increasing the value of your copies of Transformers: ReGeneration One by signing them with his explosive autograph. So what are you waiting for? GRAAAHHH!! I JUST PUNCHED A CRIMINAL! RAAAAGHHHH!!!!

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