Monday, 14 January 2013

Big Jimmy #1 - The Cover!

With Big Jimmy #1 close to entering the eye-ball-readosphere I thought I would post the final cover, which has been magnificently coloured by my dear, dear man-hunk of a friend John-Paul Bove. JP crushes the colours on Transformers: Regeneration One every month for IDW and I am honoured that he schooled me in the ways of rendering lava for my cover. Big Jimmy is about a shy, retiring Martian boy who finds himself, through 'hilarious' 'circumstances' being chosen as Mars' representative in a Galaxy wide battle tournament. Along the way he meets a host of 'wacky' characters and learns a little about what makes a man into a man. Plus a bear. Big Jimmy #1 will be available to buy from my BigCartel page soon, and from me DIRECTLY at the comic cons (more news soon!)

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