Friday, 18 October 2013


I'm going to be sharing a table with Marvelous Mark Pearce at MCM Comic Con at the Excel Centre, London from Friday 25th of October until Sunday 27th! We're going to be in the comic village at table CC2 surrounded by an embarrassingly giant number of awesome comic creators.

I've got issue 1 & 2 of Big Jimmy, along with some other comics and prints. Mark has all 3 issues of his amazing Space-Fantasy-Epic Ronin Dogs, plus his own eye melting prints that you'd be crazy not to sacrifice the solidity of your eye balls for!

But that ain't not even all the stuff that ain't there! While you're at the con check out the world of wonder created by Jess Bradley-Bove, the sweet-ass robo-colours of John-Paul Bove, the smooth smooth jazz that is the art of Lewis Terry, the musical majesty of Rob Cureton's Scene City, and the dynamically dynamite duo that is Deakin and Marisa Brook! All fantastic artists that will make your lives better by gazing upon their wonders (AND NO DESPAIR!)

So what are you waiting for? Time travel one week into the future and check it all out now! Tell 'em last week's James sent ya!

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