Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cereal:Geek issue 8 is almost here!

Issue 8 of the always Thunderously excellent Cereal:Geek magazine is almost here! The mag looks at all the cartoons of the eighties and is packed with amazing artwork and brilliant articles about the most famous and the lesser known animated series that occupied our tiny child brains on Children's ITV and CBBC and Channel 4 at the weekends and The Fun Factory on Sky 1 and The Children's Channel. Also the Wide Awake Club. Its creator, the bronzed, tanned, adonis like pinnacle of sword wielding man-muscle known as James "Bustatoons" Eatock has been working like some kind of Universe Master to bring you the new issue, looking at animated motion pictures and feature length episodes, so the least you can do is bow to his fluffy underpants-wearing Power! Issue 8 is especially exciting for me as I have 6 pages of artwork in there, including a 3 page Dungeons and Dragons comic. You can pre-order your copy here and make sure to follow Cereal:Geek and all of James' other 80's animation related projects at his Facebook page here. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME! (dammit, that was the nineties....)

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