Friday, 4 May 2012

More than John-Pauls the eye!

It's Free Comic Book day tomorrow! So when you're at your local comic book emporium, scooping up everything your strange, Benny from Total Recall style mutant arms can carry, make sure you grab a copy of Transformers Re-Generation One #80.5! IDW's new TF book continues on from the original Marvel comics run that ended over 20 years ago. The original writer and artist have picked up the story and are finally taking it to its conclusion. But what's most Transformawesome about the book is that it features my good friend, John-Paul Bove on colours. JP is a lifelong Transformer fan and getting to work on his book is his dream (an even greater dream than that dream he has where I'm 100 feet tall and I put him in my pocket and we go to a faraway mystical island for adventures and secrets) so its amazing to see him put his truly badass colouring skills to work on his ultimate project. I hope this book leads to a long and luxurious comic book career for him, in Transformers and beyond! If you're in London tomorrow you can get your copy of TF Gen 1 signed by the entire creative team; Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville, Jason Cardy and JP Bove at Orbital Comics in Great Newport Street, London. Get your FREE copy. get it SIGNED and make a DONATION. Draw the World Together will be collecting donations at the signing with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish charity. What's more exciting than that? ROBOTS! HELPING CHILDREN! FREE COMICS! ROLL YOUR ASS TO MARS! (wait, I got my quotes mixed up, well, you know what I was trying to say...)

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bintykins said...

Whooooa! :D Looks THE SHIT!